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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Malindo Air - how lucky are we

Assalamualaikum and hello folks!

Let's start with a bit of ramblings about this site. As most of you have noticed, we are indeed trying to revive this site. We started blogging circa 2010 and it has been three years (of emptiness and sorrow) without any updates. Do bear with us.

Now lets talk about Malindo Air.

As the name suggests, it's a combination of names of two nations - Malaysia and Indonesia. You guys can easily spot it that "Mal-" stands for Malaysia and "-indo" for Indonesia. The company is a result of a JV between NADI of Malaysia and PT Lion Air of Indonesia.

Operationally, the company calls themselves as hybrid airline - placing themselves in between the low cost and full service airline. Geographically, Malindo Air operates in two airports; in the Klang Valley i.e. the Subang Airport and the Kuala Lumpur International Airport, KLIA.

At the time of writing this post, we still haven't tried their service - but close relatives of ours had. They seemed to like the aircraft; especially the leg room, the in flight entertainment, the meal, the luggage allowance, departing from KLIA - all those without hidden additional costs!

Recently, Malindo Air had a promotion - giving out free tickets to selected destinations. We logged on to their website and tried searching for flights from Subang Airport to Kuala Terengganu. And guess what, the tickets were really free (not including the airport taxes)!  We didn't proceed with the booking though, as the date that we chose falls on the same date as the upcoming Raya Haji - definitely we can't make it.

And now, they are having another promotion. Check out below.

Please note that we are in no way related to Malindo Air.

Holiday Chronicle would like to welcome Malindo Air. Surely they will give the incumbent players - the MAS, AirAsia, Fireflyz, Berjaya Air - a run on their money and benefits many holiday 'goers' in Malaysia =)

Friday, 23 August 2013

Perth, Australia

Hi all, 

So now it's my turn to type. Sharing you lot bits of Perth, Australia. 
Oh my I can't remember whether I flew in with MAS or AirAsia. Hahaha =D Yes, the trip was made more than a year ago, without my husband. 

I stayed in a studio apartment which I seriously forgot the name. But it is just next to the Pan Pacific. It is not that far from the city center. I even walked together with my parents to the city center. 

For those who cannot walk that much, do not fret. Free shuttle is available y'all! 

The neighbour.

Free transit is provided in the city und it is called Central Area Transit, CAT. The same TransPerth train ticket can be used for TransPerth bus as well. How convenient is that eyh. 

To Freemantle, either by train or cruise. Instead of just paying AUS$3.80 per person (by TransPerth train) my father paid AUS$25 per person for a one way cruise ride.
The reason why we took the cruise; wanted to witness Perth's millionaires' row. 

Millionaires' row by the river.

A park in Freemantle.

The Bell Tower
We took the free shuttle to go round the city and stopped at multiple locations. But since our accommodation is quite near to the Bell Tower, we walked instead.

We even went extra miles to visit the Aquarium of Western Australia, AQWA. Superb!



Tickle tickle =D
Dare to touch?


There are many restaurants to dine in but not many of halal ones. Food is quite pricy in Perth compared to UK. A roll of lamb kebab is AUS$9.80 = RM31.16 but in UK a lamb kebab is only about £4 = RM20. A pack of two pieces of uncooked salmon fillets is priced at approximately AUS$13 = RM41.34 but in UK it is only £6 = RM30. 

Edible seafood fried rice and fried noodle in the city.
But not as tasty as home cooked ones.

Since our unit had a decent size kitchen with cooker and all, we did some groceries and prepared simple dinner. We shopped for ingredients at Woolworth. We went crazy over Arnotts chocolate cookies! 

Cooking oil. 

Self prepared pizza. 

Seafood platter in Freemantle.

Luscious sardines for dinner!

Had a beautiful break in Perth with my parents and younger brother. I don't mind visiting Perth again ;) 

Waiting for the jet plane. 

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Splendid Cairo, Egypt

Cairo of Egypt (arabic: Qaherah of Misr) was a splendid and challenging holiday destination for us. Back in the year 2010 when we were still undergraduates, we took a ten days holiday package from Kembara Sufi and paid about £315 per person, inclusive of everything except meals and flight tickets. We booked our flights through STA Travel.

We were greeted by a very nice chap, Mr. Ariffin at the airport and his colleague. The night drive experience was indeed a surprised one - there are literally no lanes - or even if there is one, the drivers are not bothered to drive within their respective lanes. Crazy!

Our trip was divided into three parts - Qaherah, Iskandariah (or Alexandria) and Sinai peninsular. Kembara Sufi does have another different package which covers the southern part of Egypt - Aswan and Luxor. Due to the heat and extreme climate in June, we decided to not proceed with Aswan and Luxor.

The City of Cairo is the most populated city in Africa and the city associates itself with ancient Egypt - the Great Sphinx and Great Pyramid residing in Giza is adjacent to Cairo. The City of Cairo is blessed with River Nile, flowing through the city. The Egyptian has the ability to turn dry inhabitable dessert into a green park at the flick of their fingers. Nahhh basically with Allah's will ;-) We recommend you to spend time in Al-Azhar Park.

Good food is easy to get and it is cheap. The thing that we love most about Egypt is its very affordable fresh fruit juice - guava, mango, tamarind, sugar cane. You can quench your thirst with just LE1 (one Egyptian pound equivalent approximately one eight of a British Pound) per glass.

Our trip was in June so it was very.... very hot. Don't be surprised if you could finish five glasses of juice in one go. Plus, our driver never switched the air-cond on for some unknown reason. While in Cairo, we always brought at least two 1.5 liter bottled water with us during tour, to get us through the day.

There are many masjid (mosque) in Cairo and one of the famous masjid is Masjid Sultan Hassan - this is where the four scholars of four mazhab conducted their classes simultaneously in one place. Here, we met one of the bilals (person who calls for prayer) which we failed to remember his name. Erk..

This bilal really has a ver melodious voice. And he loves Malaysians =)

Cairo is also where the Sultan Salahuddin Fortress situated. This fortress is one of his many fortresses that he built in Egypt during his campaign to unite the Muslim world. He was one of the great rulers and conquerors of the Muslim world. If you don't know who he is, you might want to see the movie entitled Kingdom of Heaven.

Visiting the pyramid and the Sphinx is a must, to see the greatness of this ancient version of KLCC. So we went there, took several pictures and never had the extra money to pay for the fee to go inside it. he he. From that moment, we strongly believed that the pyramid and Sphinx were built by aliens. Refer to Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and Alien vs Predator movies. Haha!

There are countless tombs of many famous Islamic scholars. One that we can recall for now is the tomb of (Makam) Imam As Shafie. We had the chance to visit his mosque and his tomb.

Khan Khalili is the largest bazaar in Cairo and its history dates back 650 years ago. We went to see the busy bazaar after visiting Masjid Saidina Hussain nearby. The masjid also houses several belongings of the late Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Makam Saidina Hussain (Rasulullah s.a.w. 's grandson) is in the masjid too.

Cruising on a boat in River Nile at night enjoying the enchanting lights of the city is an option to spend your evening. But be warned! They play loud musics on the boat and you have to yell to speak to the person seating next to you. People danced to the music, literally enjoyed themselves.

For accommodation, we stayed in student villas (different villas depending on the daily tour) in Malaysian student accommodation complex. When we say villa, it is indeed furnished luxuriously. Perlis Villa is a big one - three rooms for three, large bath room, a kitchen with all the utensils and cooking ware, TV room to enjoy the World Cup 2010, dining room, two guest lounge, washing machine etc. We got a master suite to ourselves with an attached bath.

An entry on Alexandria and Sinai will be uploaded laterrrr. We need to refresh ourselves and dig out old photos for us to track our activities in both places. =)

note: Qaherah means the conqueror or the vanquish.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Phnom Penh, Cambodia The Mysterious Land

Cambodia or well known as Kemboja by the malaysians is a country full of surprises! Basically we only spent 4 days in Phnom Penh and didn’t have the chance to visit other states. Phnom Penh is the capital city and the environment is more or less like Bandung, Indonesia.

Getting there:
Flew in by AirAsia (the cheapest way besides illegal boats). Had this experience in LCCT where the cambodians (who work etc. in Malaysia) asked for our favor to bring some stuffs (milo, canned food etc.) back for their family. In the end we did not help them since we were unsure whether it is truly milo or some cannabis or cocaine packed neatly. Beware guys. They might look sympathetic but be stern.
We booked for a hotel pick up earlier on. It actually came with the AirAsia holiday package.

The Hotel Driver

We stayed at the Holiday Villa. Very convenient since it is located in the city. We had a suite to ourselves. With a bathroom attached (plus a bathtub), a mini fridge, a cute 20″ tv and a pretty large wardrobe for two! Spacious~ We had ample room to perform our prayer (solat) and also to have a quick yoga. The service was excellent. The staffs were helpful and they received 5 stars from us!

Food :
Basically we had most of our dinners at the hotel. It was hassle free. They even serve TEH TARIK (malaysian favourite milk tea) and ROTI CANAI (malaysian favourite bread for breakfast) upon request! We tried the Cambodian curry at the hotel and it was pretty good. Different from the typical mamak curry.
Our driver, Tony bought us one of the cambodian snacks which is made from banana and glutinous rice (pulut). It tastes like lepat pisang. Oh yes we found one malaysian restaurant but we forgot the location. The restaurant reminds us of Kelantan little food stall.

The Cambodian Lepat Pisang

We had our own tour guide and driver. Just had to book for the tour at the hotel reception and it only cost us US$50 for one day. Worth every penny. The tour includes Russian Market, Killing Field, Torture Museum etc. Or you can even go to these places on your own by Tuk Tuk (motorcycle trishaw) which is cheaper since you do not have to pay for the tour guide and the comfortable air-conditioned ride!

One of the remaining skulls at the Killing Field

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